26 May (Some of the Sanskrit words were so long they had to broken up for readability.) # 1 ayi girinandini nanditamedini visvavinodini nandinute ||. Amma – Mahishasura Mardini Stotram (Ayi Giri Nandini) WITH LYRICS Duration: min. Views: Category: Music. Mahisasura Mardini – Sanskrit (in. Aigiri Nandini song Lyrics from Solo Malayalam movie. Lyrics of Aigiri Nandini is drafted by. Aigiri Nandini song is sung by Govind, Meera. The film features.

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Telugu Lyrics in Aigiri Nandini Stotram 4.

Solo malayalam shiva aigiri nandhini song popular free mp3. Thanks a lot Geetanjali. Posted by Deepa on September 22, at 1: Thanks for the comments. I love tis, thanks for it madam.

I listen to it while at the computer, while driving, while relaxing. Thanks you sooooo much for posting the Mahisasura Mardhini stotra… I have been searching for it since soooo long, and i finally got it… am sooo glad to nanduni got it finally….

Mahishasura mardini stotram lyrics hindi language free download picture format. Posted by Prem on October 19, at 7: I sure will post the lyrics in Kannada once I take the screen shots from my book. Posted by meeraghu on January 8, at For those who wish to memorise this stotra may listen to its rendition by Uma Mohan music by A.

Blog Stats 11, have visited this site. Wonderfull i liked this site very much thanck you very much for giving such a lovely and wonderfull site. Thanks for your nice comments.


Posted by Bhuvana on September 18, at Thanx for posting the lyrics. Posted by Parth on June 18, at 5: Victory and victory to you, Oh darling daughter of the mountain, Oh Goddesswhose spotless forehead, Which is of delicate prettiness, Is like pure and tender lotus leaf, Oh Goddess who moves like the spotlessly pretty swans, Which Move with delicate steps, Nnandini which is the epitome of arts, Oh Goddess ,Whose tress is surrounded By bees from bakula trees, Which normally crowd the tops of lotus aigirj, Oh Goddess who has captivating braided hair, Who is the daughter of a mountain.

| Sree Mahishaasura Mardini Stotram – Malayalam

If not, is it possible to find out from any of the sources you know? I wish to introduce you to the wonderful world of sahaja yoga: Dear Deepa Any god or goddess you pray do it sincerely and it reaches the supreme power none other than Goddess Shakthi. Jagadeesha posted a comment at the Mahishasura Mardini Stotra, lyricx was just awesome. Not so fluent in Hindi.

Posted by fdlk on May 29, at 8: Posted by Bhavana on January 10, at 1: You can increase the font in any nahdini. Posted by saikrishna on January 12, at 4: I have added another link which has Kannada lyrics. Posted by Supraja on October 16, at May the Godess Durga bless all, giving us opportunity to view, hear and pray her….


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Aigiri nandini lyrics english aigiri nandini malayalam. Posted September 23, by meeraghu in DasaraLakshmi Poojalyricsreviews.

Posted by ashwini shastry on July 6, at 6: The complete lyrics in English will be very useful for a wide audience. Posted by sarvan on January 10, at Plz tel me can we sing mahishsur mardini strotam at home or not?

Hi,thanks,i ws looking for this ,i got it ,the pronunciation is somewhat southindian is there a version by lataji or anuradhaji or some other singer regds, kaul Reply. Namaskara Thank you for posting the lyrics in samskrtha. Victory and victory to you, Oh darling daughter of the mountain, Oh Goddesswhose splendourDefeats the Sun with his thousand rays Oh Goddesswho is saluted by the Sun, Who has thousands of rays, Oh Goddess who was praised, By Tharakasura after his defeat, In the war between him and your son, Oh Goddess who was pleased with King Suratha, And the rich merchant called Samadhi, Who entered in to Samadhi, And who prayed for endless Samadhi, Oh Goddess who has captivating braided hair, Who is the daughter of a mountain.

This song is sung in praise of Goddess Chamundeshwari and describes the way She destroyed many demons.