10 Aug Recommended Practice for Internal Coating of Line Pipe for Non-corrosive Gas Transmission Service API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 5L2. Recommended Practice for. Internal Coating of Line. Pipe for Non-Corrosive Gas. Transmission Service. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 5L2 (RP 5L2). 4 Apr WORLD IRON&STEEL internal pipeline is compliance with all major international standards such as API RP 5L2,Any needs,call for us today!.

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It is intended that the applicator be responsible for complying with all of the provisions appi this Recommended Practice, but that the Purchaser may make any investigation necessary to satisfy himself of compliance by the applicator. The coating shall be examined within three minutes from the release of pressure. Purchaser may require that the applicator set aside such pipe as their representative may request for testing, providing that the amount of such pipe shall not exceed two joints for each eight-hour production period on a current basis, or one pipe from each four-hour production period.

A test result is acceptable when results from both test panels comply with the criteria listed below. API standards are published to facilitate the broad availability of proven, sound engineering and operating practices.


No loss of adhesion,spalling,crack. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Size px x x x x Scholarships May 13, views.

API RP 5L2-2002 (2015).pdf

The duration of the test shall be hours. Today we will introduce the Specification of inter liquid epoxy coating for pipeline for you. K55 Casing Tube Gr. Apl need your help! Liquid Epoxy resin flow-coat linings have established themselves as standard practice in this application. Directions for handling and storing of the coating materials.

The inscribed side shall face the salt source. In case of failure of either panel, the test shall be repeated on duplicate panels. The difference of the two is the coating thickness and shall be at least 0.

It is waterproof and resistant to various elements such as acid, rust, chemistry, corrosion and heat. N Casing Ali Gr.

API RP 5L2:Specification of inter liquid epoxy coating for pipeline | WORLD IRON&STEEL

Any pinhole shall constitute a failure. The benefits of liquid epoxy coating including: Approval or selection of the materials shall be done far enough in advance preferably not less than 30 days to provide material at the scheduled start of the work.

X65 Line Pipe Gr. Questions concerning the interpretation of the content of this standard or comments and questions concerning the procedures under which this standard was developed should be directed in writing to the standardization manager, American Petroleum Institute, L Street, N. Section 4 Application Practices. Apl coating shall be completely removed.


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Heat may be used to accelerate cure, providing it produces no adverse effects to the pipe or coating. Sometimes a one-time extension of up to two years will be added to this review cycle. With respect to particular circumstances, local, state, and federal laws and regulations should be reviewed. Blushing, regardless of the degree of color change, shall not be considered gp provided the affected area meets the requirements of 5.

NQ Casing Tube Gr.

Calculate and report volume solids percentage using values determined above and as follows: In addition it is free for use and get. Recommendations made in this Recommended Practice need not necessarily be considered as minimum standard requirements.

Acceptance is constituted by lifting of no material other than cuttings. The formulation and publication of API standards is not intended in any way apii inhibit anyone from using any other practices.

The panel or slide is coated as the pipe is coated.