Read “Best Kendo Waza Illustrated Guide to Kendo Techniques” by David Aguero with Rakuten Kobo. An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with. I Waza (Evading Technique) In nuki waza you evade your opponent’s strike and, The best suriage waza is done by using the natural curvature of the shinogi. I touched on this in an earlier broader post on oji waza, but there (If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your.

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To ask other readers questions about Best Kendo Wazaplease sign up. When you raise the shinai to strike, the point goes up and forward rather than up and back. Comments Wazz your say about what you just read! The session was led by his teacher, the late Furuya sensei and attended by numerous 8 th and 7 th dan members, many of whom were at least in their 60s.

Each partner took turns as motodachi and controlled the practice by varying the sequence of steps in each direction. Item s unavailable for purchase. Keno are some of the popular counter attack techniques employed by Kendo practitioners.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The three techniques we practised were men-suriage-men, men-kaeshi-dou and men-kaeshi-men. There are more techniques that are not listed here.

Those in the habit of veering to the side after hitting, usually do so because they fear a collision with their opponent, injuring either themselves or the other player. In my view there is no right answer. From this exercise we moved on to hikibana men, pushing in to take centre and then following with a men strike as motodachi stepped back. In kendo, men-kaeshi-do is most commonly used.

Suriage Waza |

When you have two or 3 hours to fill, you need to bring in more variety and exercises that offer a change of pace. Your left hand should be more or less in line with the centre of your body. Although this book is meant for i An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with common and not so common kendo techniques.


Even when you block to make kaeshi-waza, if your kissaki is moving forward, you are able to block and strike in one movement, turning a defensive action into an attacking move. This concept of drawing your opponent out is called hikidasu. Leave me a comment in the box below. Although this book is meant for intermediate to advanced kenshi, beginners will find this book very useful.

Hikibana-kote is a good example wherein the opponent is distracted through a strike and creates sufficient gap in the process for another more effective strike to take place. The way you structure your wazaa depends on how much time you have to fill and the level and physical condition of those taking part. Karate for Kids and for Wazq and Dad, Too.

Mohamma rated it really liked it May 06, However, uchiotoshi is two motions. Be A Ventriloquist for Fun or Profit. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Kendo Guide For Beginners Book.

This site uses cookies. You practice yoko men or dou suburi, but do so turning your hands inwards on each stroke so that the path of the shinai is horizontal or parallel with the floor.

An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with common and not so common kendo techniques. This new digital edition is a completely revised version of the printed version. The way to avoid this is as with all successful oji waza, we should control the timing of his attack by maintaining and the breaking pressure when we want him to move.

This probably was the case when cutting with a katana. When you stand from sonkyo, unless your opponent has a very weak kamae, it is unlikely that you will see an opening to attack.

Once he commits to an attack you respond with debana, or oji waza if his movement is more advanced. See if you have enough points for this item. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It’s still better to put the wazas in practice than just read about it.


To be able to execute this technique well, as a practitioner you need to observe your opponent minutely and time your attack in a way that it is most effective rather than being too slow or too quick. Practical Karate Volume 1 Fundamentals O. One of the excuses often given for cutting dou incorrectly is that the opponent moved too quickly and did not allow us the distance to get it right. Our normal reaction is to blame ourselves for hitting off target, but in many cases it is our opponent who is at fault for pulling his elbows down to his side to avoid being hit.

Best Kendo Waza

Great Gift from Japan: The Shotokan Karate Bible 2nd edition. When the combat is in progress, there comes a time when the opponent might have fallen off guard or is in a position wherein he can be easily subdued. A Beginners Guide to Tai Chi.

Once you have made a successful strike, you should continue forward, through oendo opponents centre line, maintaining zanshin and turning when you are in safe distance.

oji-waza |

The logic of this baffles me. So these techniques are based on these kenjutsu techniques. Mohamad marked it as to-read Jan 29, To do this you need to be in front of your opponent at the time of the strike and consciously punch forward with your right hand whilst turning your wrist sharply inwards.

They have an interpreter in the video so I don’t think I need to explain what is going on so I shared my view on this one. In either case it is a waste of time and effort as neither is classed as yuko datotsu.

I also think that we should practise all kendo techniques on a regular basis, whether or not they are our favourites. Trivia About Best Kendo Waza.