Astrology articles and videos by Pandit Page 1. Ch. 1. The Creation. . Offering his obeisance to all-knowing Mahārśi Parāśara and with folded. Posts about BPHS written by Vic DiCara. and connect it to astrology – but the translation terribly mangles the concepts elucidated clearly in Sanskrit. For many . 9 Sep The Bible of Vedic Astrology By Sage Parashara. Sidebar. Classic · Flipcard · Magazine · Mosaic · Sidebar · Snapshot · Timeslide.

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Commentaries ensure that the corpus of the material in the text stays intact and allows us to track changes in the text.

The portions of Grahas from Kaal to Gulik are the same in nomenclature in the night also. The 5 th from Guru, the 7 th from Sukr and both the 8 th and 12 th from Sani stand for consideration, respectively, in respect of offspring, spouse and death.

If Putr’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava, the native will be bereft of happiness from his own sons, will have an adopted, or purchased son. All this would depend on the placement of grahas in the 8th, placement and strength of lord of 8th and lord of lagna.

Friendship on one count and neutrality on another count make them friendly. Yet it will be short-lived. If Sani and Mangal give a Drishti to Lagn, as the luminaries are yuti with Rahu elsewherethe child will live a fortnight.

Surya is a royal Grah, while Candr and Budh belong to commercial community. Thursday, November 04, 7: It lives in the West and is an airy Rasi. Malefics, occupying Tanu and Yuvati Bhava, while Candr is yuti with a malefic with no relief from a benefic, will also cause premature death.


All other incarnations than these also are through the Grahas. Thursday, November 03, This is Yavanas’ view, vide P. This is how the 16 Vargas are to be evaluated. Should Candr be in Tanu Bhava, hemmed between malefics, while Yuvati, or Randhr Bhava has a malefic in it, he will face immediate death along with his mother.

In most of your bloggings, I’m not able to see the devanagri scripts.

As per the kalapurusha, the 1st bhava is indicative of brain, which is known for intelligence, we can safely conclude that Brihaspati, who represents God, is seated on the head of man and the place is known as ‘Brahmapeetha’ or the seat of Brihaspati.

Obviously, Sani has given his Mooltrikon to his son Gulik, while he gave Makar a secondary Rasi to his ‘brother’ Kaal. Pt Sitaram Jha claimed in his introduction that he introduced many new things and revised much old material in the manuscript, so that the version of Pt Sitaram Jha is completely astrologg from all other versions in syntax, although almost all verses carry same meanings.

The said native will live with rich clothes and ornaments, be learned and Lordly.

Therefore, the 5th not only becomes the house of future of hphs person but also the house to look for speculative abilities and name astrolpgy fame to be gained in future.

Therefore, Brihaspati’s influence on the 5th is to be reckoned with great care and his is to be propitiated for general well being and gain of knowledge and good things in life; and more so when there is any affliction to the 5th, particularly that of Rahu.

Remedies from Unusual Delivery Ch. Rahu has smoky appearance with a blue mix physique.

Does the fact that there are interpolations in the modern BPHS mean bpgs it is useless? Some have asyrology of the former, while yet some have the latter in predominance. The same principle holds for any contradiction between modern BPHS and actual ancient texts.


The divisions of a combust Grah, defeated Grah, weak Grah and a Grah in bad Avasthas, like Sayan, be all ignored to be auspicious, for these destroy the good Yogas. Prayer to Lord Shiva will help in cleaning the dosha of papa graha. These designations are reversed for an even Rasi.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Hence, everyone should have a knowledge of Jyotish, particularly the Brahmin. Sukr will bring one with astrologt and excellent breasts. Each of the 12 houses of the chart has its significance and each of the significance is closely linked to the 1st house i. O Brahmin, these are the effects related to Dharm Bhava. The Panchabhutas, space, air, fire, water and earth, are, respectively, governed by Guru, Sani, Mangal, Sukr and Budh.

Indian Astrology an Appraisal First ed. Similarly a malefic’ s Drishti on Lagn of one born during day time in the dark half.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Wikipedia

This is derived from the “Mandooka Dasha” Mandooka dasha means frog jumps on every third house. One thing that must be carefully noted regarding the modern BPHS and that is that it can not be used as a pramana evidence in any debate on techniques by citing it as an ancient authority if it contradicts another ancient authority.

It is a biped Rasi as well and is strong in nights. The learned in Jyotish should base the effects on Candr also, as are applicable to Lagn.