for the use of the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) in the SA context. A M Lane; unpublished User Guide for the Brunel Mood Scale . screening questionnaire. This assessment is based on the Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS) that was developed to provide a quick assessment of mood states among adolescent and adult. The item Brunel Mood Scale (BRUMS: Terry et al., ; ) has the questionnaire from Malay versions to English (back-translation).

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A South African Norm Study. The sample size was determined on the basis of the recommended 10 participants per questionnaire item as suggested by Tabachnick and Fidell [16] for factor analysis.

The CFI was below the 0. Additionally, standardized factor loadings ranged from 0.

He has worked as a sport questionnarie at nine Olympic Games and more than other international events. The objective of this work is to present the scale translated into Portuguese language together with the data from Brazilian athletes referring to the first stage of its validation process in Brazil. The nature of mood: Development and validation of a mood measure for adolescents: However, GFI value was still below that of the recommended level.


University of Southern Queensland Terry P. The development and validation scalee the ITAMS opens the way for mood-related research and sport or exercise interventions requiring mood assessments, in an Italian-language context. Med Sci Sports Exerc ; Journal of Sports Sciences, 17, Conventional criteria versus new alternatives.

Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes. – Semantic Scholar

Equally, an athlete might feel fatigued as a consequence of a hard training session but not report feeling anger. Given moos fact that BRUMS [10] was developed and validated in English spoken samples, further validation of the measure is necessary to ensure equivalence between the original and the translated versions.

PubMed Abstract Google Scholar. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine.

Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes.

Revised Manual for the Profile of Mood States. Older athletes tended to be less confused, depressed, fatigued, and tense, and to have a more positive outlook and greater vigor. Statistical software Berger B. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria; Anger and Vigor had factor loadings above 0. All authors participated in the acquisition of data and revision of the manuscript.

It should be noted that the research strategy was to test the hypothesized six-factor model originally supported by Terry et al.


Validity of the Brunel Mood Scale for use With Malaysian Athletes

In other data screening procedures, inspection of item statistics showed that almost all items, Energetic Item 10 and Active Item 20 being the exceptions, were positively skewed. Subsequently, three different experts in psychology initially independently and then consensually, translated the scale back into English. High subscales intercorrelation might also imply that the items measure a common factor in addition to its intended factors.

Fiep Bulletin ; National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Terry and Lane, Rev Psiq Clin ; Preliminary evidence for the reliability and validity of an questionnairr profile of mood states. Subsequent research that has tested the factor uqestionnaire of the BRUMS has been supported in specific-sports such as wakeboarding Fazackerley et al.

However, before applying this logic to the present study it is important to consider possible cultural differences. Psychology of Sport and Exercise ; 4: