Busting the Bocage: Hedgerow Fighting with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This scenario pack depicts fighting involving the US 2nd Ranger Battalion on and shortly. Buy Busting the Bocage: American Combined Operations in France, 6 June July by Michael D. Doubler, Combat Studies Institute (ISBN. Im playing the missione busting the bocage, but i do not understand one thing. The tactic is: 1. move the rhino through the bocage to create a.

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Both tank and infantry units tried to increase the span of control by procuring additional radios.

After experimentation, the tankers discovered that demolitions could indeed breach the hedgerows. Between D-Day and the Normandy breakout, First Bueting had devised numerous technical and tactical solutions for the conduct of battles against the German Army. Their only alternative was to operate within the cover and concealment of the hedgerows.

Unable to observe the enemy and to call fire on him from a safe dis- tance, infantrymen were deprived of field artillery and mortar support.

General Rose’s mission was to seize high ground in the vicinity of Hill and le Bustkng and then establish defensive positions to repel German counter- attacks aimed at American follow-on forces. Available at the manu- script collection, U.

In this instance, the German hedgerow defense had successfully stopped the best American efforts to smash through the Bocage. By late July, 60 percent of First Army’s Shermans mounted the hedgerow-cutting devices.

When operating with tank-infantry forces in offensive operations, engineers usually had a mobility enhancement mission, which meant they were to remove or breach obstacles such as antitank ditches, wire entanglements, and minefields. However, on 25 June, a major British attack near Caen forced the Germans to commit all bkcage their reserves. A single rifle battalion in the attack might be augmented by tanks, combat engineers, artillery support, and the firepower of fighter-bombers. The intended, primary role of the armored division was bustjng operations against hostile rear areas.


Doubler served twenty-three years on active duty as a Regular Army and full-time Army National Guard officer.

Note the heavy vegetation. Indirect fires were preplanned to strike American armor moving along high- ways. Instead, they tended not to fire at suspected enemy positions but to wait for a definite target before opening fire.

During the attack, the lead American infantry elements noticed 54 that extensive wire communications ran between all German positions. Anyways seeing as I’ve been out climbing today and in bocagw very good mood I’ll post the bit from the designer notes.

Busting the Bocage (1st Edition) – ASL – Noble Knight Games

It’s best to use some suppressing fire first before bringing up the mortar team into LOS of the intended target. The hedgerows in each field provide excellent cover and concealment to the defender and present a formidable obstacle to the attacker.

The purpose of the grazing fire was to inflict casualties on American infantrymen seeking cover and concealment during their advance. A second wave of tanks and infantry closely followed the lead elements.

By nightfall, the 38th Infantry had 46 69 d ‘[fr86l ‘AjoisiH Aje;! The regi- mental commander then ordered the 2d Battalion, th Infantry, to lead the attack with the other battalions following in column.


One tank company lost six Shermans to German panzerfausts. The terrain on the Allied left, held by the British Second Army, was an expanse of gently rolling pastures and cultivated fields. For the other units in First Army, their initial expe- rience in combat would be among the Normandy hedgerows. The assault tank then became the support tank for the next attack.

Busting the Bocage (1st Edition)

But your reviews are addictive, which is why I have come to adore you so much bocahe afar. The combat capabilities of tanks and infantry were complementary. After repeated assaults over a four-day period, the division failed to take Hill and suffered 1, casualties. Infantrymen strapped one phone onto the rear of a Sherman’s back deck and then connected it by wire to a second phone located inside the tank’s turret.

Busting the Bocage / Petty’s War — Desperation Morale

The Germans also used their light machine guns to place bands of grazing fire along the bases of hedgerows paralleling the American attack. This module eliminates that whole part of the operation as well as the Army Ranger counters from Pointe du Hoc and concentrates on inland battles with six new scenarios designed by Ray Tapio.

Shermans so equipped simply rammed into a hedgerow embankment and then backed away leaving two sizable holes for the explosives. Historical Section, Army Ground Forces,