THE word salvation is used in the Bible to indicate a work of God in behalf of man . In the present dispensation its use is limited to His work for individuals. This little work by my good friend, Mr. Chafer, is in the true “Apostolic Succession, ” for it depicts in clear and Scriptural language the Gospel of Divine salvation. Dr. Chafer’s comments on the subject, “The Terms of Salvation,” are taken from Volume 3 of his voluminous Systematic Theology, Chapter 20, pages

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No very deep conviction of assurance can chacer in any heart where the mind is still wondering whether it has really believed in a saving way, and where no impressions of certainty are allowed to take root.

Salvation: God’s Marvelous Work of Grace

This is the confidence that grows out of a repose of faith in the faithfulness of God chafeg He will fulfil every word He has spoken. On the other hand, no sinner has fallen so low, or is so weak in himself, that he cannot find absolute rest and assurance of his salvation in looking away to Christ and the finished provisions of His grace. If man can dispose of the dark picture which describes the estate of the lost, he has, by that process, surrendered all claim to authority and all ground of assurance in those Scriptures which describe the estate of the saved.

Multitudes of people pray who are not saved. Likewise, people are led by this error to measure the validity of their salvation by the intensity of anguish which preceded or accompanied it. Sermon Notes for Isaiah 9: The following passages are clear statements of these various aspects of the one divine undertaking:. If it were only a question of power to transform men the creative power of God has always been sufficient; but there was a greater difficulty caused by the fact of sin. It was readable, but best in small increments.

Thus men are electing to stand in their own sins before God. Vernon McGee Revelation 5: This, it must be repeated, is not a righteousness of man’s making: It salvatiob only on the familiar principle of “Grace before Meat,” so often associated with a clergyman, that I feel justified in accepting the invitation to commend these admirable chapters from one whose services as a Bible teacher are continually becoming better known and more warmly appreciated in ealvation United States and Canada.


The new song of such a heart is, “God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

Chapter One: The Word Salvation by Lewis Sperry Chafer

I believe and receive the love of God. It is rather that we act on the same principle of love. No burden rests on the unsaved to persuade God to be good; the challenge of the gospel is for the unsaved to believe that God is good.

Satan’s ministers are said to be the ministers of righteousness 2Cr It is forgetting all else but Him, and the divine response is to the end that “All these temporal things shall be added unto you.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The arguments are quite plausible. In presenting the Gospel to these classes there are one hundred and fifteen passages at least wherein the word “believe” is used alone and apart from every other condition as the only way of salvation. In considering the Bible doctrine of salvation it is important to distinguish between those things which have already been done for all, and those things which are done for the individual at the instant he believes.

Happy is the individual who believes what God has written, and rests in the redeeming work of Christ as his only deliverance from the hopeless estate of the lost.

In this record it is stated that He has entered into all the needs of our lost condition and is alive from the dead to be a living Saviour to all who put their trust in Him. A careful survey of the whole field of discussion regarding the security of those who are saved will reveal that one group return constantly in their discussions of this subject to the conclusions of human reason, to the uncertain evidence of human experience, and such Scripture as is cited by them, they “wrest to their own destruction.


Old things do pass away, and behold all things do become new; but all such experiences are but secondary evidence, as to the fact of chafsr, in that they grow out of that positive repose of faith which is the primary evidence. According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise master builder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. This might be true if it could be discovered that the innocent One was an unwilling victim; but on this point every doubt is forever dispelled.

Service for a salary is salvztion poor return: The conclusion from these revelations is that by the cross God has declared our sin, His own righteousness and His own salcation love.

He recognizes such ministries of love by that which He has been pleased to call “rewards. On this point God has spoken through His Son. Sin’s judgments are already perfectly met. Salvation is made to depend upon such a personal response to this appeal from God.

A message for ministers and soul-winners. God has promised by many Scriptures to recognize all service that is rendered as a love-expression to Him and all that is within the gracious plan of life He has made for every child of His.

It is offered to all meritless, helpless sinners who are willing to believe that God has already been good in that He has provided, in Christ, not only what they need now, but all they need in time and for eternity.

It chafre found twenty-eight times in the first chapter of Ephesians alone. However, the fact of a covenant and the experience of its blessings are two different things.

The two following passages describe the estate from which and the estate into which the individual is saved: Caleb Hutcherson rated it liked it Aug 23,