Day 29 of the Blessed Coptic Month of Babah, may God make it always received, year after year, with reassurance and tranquility, while our sins after forgiven by. Complete Coptic Synaxarium (Full Coptic Orthodox Calendar: Daily Synaxarion) – Saint Tekle Haymanot Coptic Orthodox Website – Alex, Egypt. Virgin Mary in The Coptic Synaxariun) – Coptic Feasts < Saint Takla Haymanot Website - Alexandria - Egypt.

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This righteous man and his wife St. Mesra 19 The Translocation of the Body of St. She was the only daughter to her parents. They will perish but You remain; and they will all grow old like a garment; like a cloak You will fold them up and they will be changed.

Bashons 12 The Commemoration of the Consecration of the church of St. Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa. Peter and Paul, the Apostles. The Martyrdom of John of Herakleia.

The Confession of St.

Justus, Son of Emperor Numerian. The apostles and the virgins asked her to bless them. He wanted to go to Jerusalem and a cloud carried him there. When she saw that her father was pleased with her intention, she asked him to build her a place where she could worship God in seclusion with her virgin friends. An example of such a Synaxarion for St. Zacharias, Bishop of Sakha. Mark the Evangelist, the founder of the church in Egypt, and the appearance of his holy head in the city of Alexandria.


George the ascetic, Belasius the martyr, and Anba Joseph the bishop. Without changing its name it was filled up with complete texts of these lessons. Her father was grieved in his heart for he could not offer an offering to God for he did not have any children.

The prince used all his evil imagination to torture St. The Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom is the glory, with a host of thousands and thousands of angels came to her and comforted her and told her about the eternal joy that was prepared for her, and she rejoiced.


Abba Shenoute, during the Early Arab Rule. Theodosius, 33rd Pope of Alexandria. Kiahk 5 The Departure of Nahum, the Prophet. Thomas the Apostle was not present at the time of St.

Abib 11 The Martyrdom of Sts. Misaeal Misayilthe Anchorite.

Coptic Synaxarium

I would have preferred to hear about your death rather than to hear that you have renounced your faith and forsaken the God Who created you from non-existence into being, to worship gods made by hands. The Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of St.

Baramhat 20 The Departure Of the St. Baramhat 26 Syaxarium Departure of St. When Herod died, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying: Mina, Bishop of Tamai Thmoui. Amshir 9 The Departure of St. On this day, the church celebrates the commemoration of the first church to be built in the name of the Virgin Lady, the All pure St. He led this life for 13th years; his food each evening was a handful of salted beans soaked in water.


The departure of St.

The Commemoration of the Transfer of the Relies of St. They were waiting for this promise to be fulfilled, until the 16th day of the month of Misra, when the promise was fulfilled and they saw her. The Departure of Joel the Prophet. Abib 22 The Commemoration of the Martyrdom of St. Abib 30 The Martyrdom of Sts. He brought him up synsxarium in the Christian faith and knowledge.

Virgin Mary in The Coptic Synaxarium |

Michael 11, 53rd Pope of the See of St. When the council agreed on the two natures of Christ, St. Synaxarion then in modern use means, not the whole collection, but each separate lesson in the Menaia and other books. Paona 28 The Departure of St. Don’t you have any shame at all to call stones and wood gods which are inhabited by devils?

The Armenian synaxarion, called the Synaxarion of Ter Israelwas published at Constantinople inand again in Patrologia Orientalis. Junia, One of the Seventy Disciples. Hator 11 The Departure of St. Mesra 30 The Departure of St.

Antonios, Bishop of Tamoui. Anba “Bisadi” Psotethe Bishop.