If you require assistance please call or visit Please send completed application form to Institute of Explosives Engineers, Ground. The applicant meets the requirements for the CSCS card they are applying for I understand and agree that the information on this form will be used by. I understand and agree that the information on this form will be used by CITB for The applicant meets the requirements for the CSCS card they are applying for.

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Participating Organisations The BCP supports applivation, competencies and qualifications applucation all roofing disciplines: The first step towards a Skilled Worker Card is getting a relevant qualification. Download pdf application form here. They will then contact the person whose name is given on the form using the phone number provided within 5 working days so to collect the payment and solve any queries or doubts. If you do not have an account, or cannot remember your details, please click here to contact us.

CSCS Application Form & CSCS Card – An Overview

But what are they for? Our working hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. It also ensures that the government protects the employees from a sort of dangerous situations.

It is possible for you to print the cscs application form online.

In order to meet the needs of the construction industry different tests are in place to meet the demands of the construction industry. Speak to one of our NVQ advisors about this option on If your card has not been delivered to your requested destination within five weeks of your application, please contact CSCS. They also give you the relevant Health and Safety knowledge you need to be safe at work.

Applying via the Employer Application Form email: To learn more about CSCS click here. Although you do not have to attach a copy of your pass certificate we recommend you do so that there is no reason for your application to be rejected.


If rorm are self employed this section can be filled out by your primary contractor.

Many different types of cards are available under the CSCS as ap;lication as its associated schemes. How can we contact you in future? Individuals applying for a CSCS card on behalf of someone else must ensure that the applicant is present when calling us so they can provide consent.

Your CSCS card will be posted out to you on the next working day. This will mean that multiple applications can be managed by one person in your organisation and they can be paid for in one transaction.

Alternatively you can download an application formcomplete it and return it with the required documentation and payment.

You will need to call CSCS within 5 working days of sending your copy of your qualification as their system automatically deletes emails after this time. It also help in providing the contractor with information regarding your Health, Safety and Environment Test results along with your qualifications in your occupation.

Please note that postal applications can take up 20 working days. You can then click the link here click here to find out how to do this. Prizes to be won for your family by snapping a pic of your latest construction project. Here is a helpful video guide to the application process: Unfortunately we are currently closed. Please note that postal applications can take up to 15 days. Emailed a copy of your BCP Certificate to cscs citb. In order to get your own Card, it is now possible for you to apply for it online.

Craft and Operative Application

You should attach a copy of all relevant qualifications. On receiving your information, your card will be sent to you within 20 days. The official site for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme Sign up for our newsletter Formm up to date with the latest news and scheme developments.


Posted on January 30, by David Willey. Speak to us on: You will need to make sure that you take and prepare for the right test. A3 Send My Card to: Tick Renewal if you are applying for a replacement. Passing is also necessary to apply for a skill card such as a CSCS card. The person named on the form will then be contacted so that payment may be collected and any queries resolved prior to cards being dispatched.

This software will select the correct application form for you and carr you throughout the process forn your CSCS Card Application.

Employer applications

This entry was posted in Construction Training by David Willey. These cards help in preventing accidents and injuries on the construction sites.

When you have these cards they provide you with an avenue to assure crad that the construction industry sector is totally safe and well placed to deliver quality service to its client in a competitive environment. We will call you back Close Your Name: Once you have submitted the application and paid, CSCS will post your card the next working day.

A qualified assessor will come to your workplace to assess you.

Find out which qualifications you need for your occupation by using the online cardfinder. Send My Card to: If you are aware about which card you need to apply for you can download an application form, complete it and return it with the documents required. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.