Dark Whispers () The Last Hunt (). Author, Bruce Coville. Country, United States. Language, English. Genre, Young adult fantasy novel. The Unicorn Chronicles consists of four young adult fantasy novels by Bruce Coville about the. Review – Dark Whispers by Bruce Coville. Short review: A collection of characters mill about and accomplish not much of anything. And the. Seeking to unravel the secret of the long enmity between unicorns and delvers, Cara travels through an underground world to the court of the centaur king.

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I thought about rereading them before getting to this one, but decided against it.

Unicorn Chronicles: #3 Dark Whispers : Bruce Coville :

There are also a few short stories set in the world of the Unicorn Chronicles. Buuut, the information they find out about whispets dark, older-than-Beloved enemy is rather intriguing.

Well, it’s a damn good thing I work for the library. I mean, it’s been centuries since a unicorn killed her father, and she’s in constant horrible pain The characters were a little 2-dimensional as well.

Dark Whispers

Was this better or worse than the first two? When I brought home my copy of this one, I was aghast at the terrible outfit they made Cara wear on the cover. All these characters crisscrossing Luster bogged down the story, in my opinion. He’s just a bland father figure going through the motions of loving his daughter. View all 10 comments. The Wanderer being returned has brought the attention to the unicorns that Beloved has stolen one of the five magical amulets that allow for travel into Luster.

An awesome adventure with so many incredibly unique and surprising characters that are linked together in ways you cannot predict. Which is why I supported it when I originally read that part, but then I finished the book, and well, maybe they’re not all so bad.

Anyway, I have Bruce Coville to blame for the unicorn addiction.

Unicorn Chronicles: #3 Dark Whispers

Some characters are believable, whereas others seems like a bit too one-dimensional. In order to help the unicorns to survive, Cara is sent to find the Valley of the Centaurs to hear a story that may solve the mystery behind Beloved’s intimate knowledge with Luster – The Whisperer.


It is the third book in the series and there is a lot going on here in this book. I think some of that has to do with age. So if the unicorns where pure or not the hunter would have still thought unicorns were dangerous and still killed one.

It was as if the air had surrendered a bit of its spice, the water a bit of its sparkle, the night a bit of its mystery. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Eager to read the final book, and so glad that I cvoille Much longer book than the preceding two Much is left uneplained and there are plenty of loose threads which await their weaving back into the full picture. I’m fully tempted to go back and reread this book again as I said there are many things going on in this book. Continuing the plot in the magical land of Luster Cara is given the task of learning a story from the Chiron, leader of the centaurs. But ultimately, I succumbed to the temptation.

I might read the fourth book just to find out how it ends; this one ended on a cliffhanger, as the other two did. My biggest beef with Dark Whispers, besides the switching-POVs, is actually one I already mentioned in my review of the second book – I don’t like Cara’s father. I loved the first two books of the Unicorn Chronicles when I was younger, and when I realized that they had been completed, I knew Brjce needed to read the rest.

Fortunately, her spirit was released from the Prison and returned to body by Lightfoot’s healing abilities. Some of the dialogue, too, made me cringe at how trite they seemed, or a little too cliche So, even though I really enjoyed the parts about Rajiv and Cara’s dad, this book gets one star.

A thick, hardback book cut into 63 chapters very short ones, thoughit is a pleasurable read. They’d probably be spoiler-y anyway.


Sep 25, Erin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Perhaps the plot was slow because the writing was too simple. Yes, since it’s an old prophecy that nobody except one character had he The last time I read the second book was about a decade ago, so the finer details escaped me.

I also didn’t like that Finder was killed. A unicorn was killed and they think a darkness in themselves caused it? But then, apparently, the unicorn horn in her heart physically pains her yet she’s determined not to get it removed——not because she’s afraid to die, she says, but because she won’t rest until she kills all those rainbow-farting unicorns! The situation is this: Beloved was doing fine being the evil witch antagonist of the tales now it seems like the author couldn’t just let the unicorns be victims, but had to give them some kind of fault too.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The one exception is the race of creatures who live in the depths of Luster’s underworld, the Delvers.

Book ratings by Goodreads.

The idea of the rainbow prison is interesting, but I don’t really care about what’s going on there. But she did burst into tears quite often——which I understand, but it did get a little repetitive. She is asked to tell the Queen of the Unicorns that “The Wanderer is weary,” and must set out in search of the Queen. This book was so much deeper and more thorough than it’s predecessors. Ok enough about the physical aspect, it was just frivolously annoying and only made me question Coville’s publisher, not the man himself.

Everyone on the journey remains with the group until basically the end of the book in the first two books.