Covered (Stick) Electrodes (SMAW) · Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wires (FCAW) · MIG/MAG Wires (GMAW) · Submerged Arc Wires & Fluxes (SAW) · TIG Rods. Welcome to ESAB UK and Ireland. News ESAB REDESIGNS MXL SERIES OF MIG/MAG TORCHES FOR ENHANCED INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE. Product catalogue. Y The ESAB welding program for mechanised tube welding is . that the rotating part and the tungsten electrodes are enclosed.

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The slag is normally not quite as wlectrodes to remove as elecrodes slag from acid or rutileelectrodes, but, in spite of this, it can be classed as easily detachable. Electrodes that have been redried. Labelling The electrode type is clearly marked on the coating of each electrode near the grip end, e.

During certain wlectrodes in the summer and in The Online Industrial Exhibition. Official approval In addition to the official approval given in this catalogue, many OK electrodes are approved by foreign authorities, railway boards, private companies and so on.

Welding current Maximum and minimum values are given. Multinational manufacturing, localrepresentation and an internationalnetwork of independent distributors brings the benefits of ESAB quality and unrivalled expertise in materials and processes within reach of all our customers, The water is divided into oxygen and hydrogen in the arc and the hydrogen in particular has a strong tendency to dissolve in the weld metal and initiate cold cracking.


Basic electrodes are less The electrodes which should be stored in the holding oven are: General epectrodes All covered electrodes are sensitive to moisture re-absorption to a greater or lesser degree.

At ESAB, quality is an ongoingprocess that is at the heart of all our production processes and facilities worldwide. Hydrogen forms from water in the surroundings and from the electrode coating. Description Classifications OK Electrodes that have elecfrodes removed from their hermetically-sealed container.

ESAB Welding & Cutting

The slag from basic electrodes has a lower melting point than that from rutile or acid electrodes. Dry basic electrodes when there is risk of cold cracking.

When it comes to the tensilestrength of the deposit, Stick electrodes Rutile and low-hydrogen electrodes are packed in cardboard packs with polyethylene shrink wrapping. VacPac is simple and convenient to use, ensuring that the electrodes keep their The risk of slag inclusions during normal production welding is therefore unusually small when basic electrodes esxb used, even if the slag is not completely removed between beads during multi-run welding.

Quality and environment standards Quality and the environment are two key areas of focus.

Open the catalogue to page Care must be taken during storage and handling to prevent moisture being re-absorbed. Storage Covered electrodes of any type will pick up moisture only very slowly if they are stored in the following climatic conditions: Information about the different types of approval is available on request.


ESAB is one of few international companies to have achieved the new ISO standard in Environmental Management Systems across all our global manufacturing facilities. Electrodes that are considered to be in good condition and are transferred directlyfrom the store room after unpacking. The evenness of the weld and the smooth transition of the base material make jointsproduced with rutile electrodes at least as good in terms of fatigue strength as unmachined joints produced using basic electrodes.

The weld metal from basic electrodes has a low hydrogen content and usually hasgood toughness even at low temperatures. Precautions on site Keep the electrodes in electrically-heated quivers at a minimum temperature Holding oven The holding oven is used for intermediate storage to avoid moisture pick-up in the coating of low-hydrogen electrodes and acid rutile stainless electrodes.

The most suitable welding current dependslargely on the size of the workpiece, the welding Electrodfs electrodes arepacked in polyethylene boxes with a re-sealablelid Figure 3.

Tensile properties Unless otherwise stated, tensile properties refer to all weld metal test pieces prepared according to the rules of the classification societies using 4 and 6mm diameter electrodes.