Fred Neulander. The opinion only reaffirms the jury’s sound belief in a guilty verdict in this case.” Carol Neulander was beaten to death by two. A LOOK BACK: Rabbi Fred Neulander murder trial .. The rabbi, now 73, is serving a life sentence for murder with no release date in sight. Fred Neulander, 61, showed no emotion as the forewoman of the jury of seven . In Neulander’s case, only one aggravating factor exists: the fact that he paid.

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Richard Plum, a roommate of Jenoff and Daniels, testified that the two were generally broke and that he did not notice jumber receiving any large sums of money.

The judge rejected defendant’s claim that the State had withheld exculpatory evidence, and the claim that the State had presented perjured testimony from Jenoff fre trial. Defendant argues that Weiss gave inadmissible personal opinion testimony regarding the rituals of the Jewish faith and defendant’s conduct.

The actual receipt of favorable treatment “is not a sine qua non to appropriate cross-examination” for establishing bias of that witness toward the State. At the sentencing Thursday, the victim’s brother, Edward Lidz, told the court that, although he appreciated Jenoff’s testimony, he felt that both men already got a break when they were allowed to plead guilty to something less than murder. Jenoff also had signed a plea form in which he indicated that no other promises had been made in connection with the plea, other than those set forth on the form.

Paul Daniels was sentenced similarly, although he is in a separate facility. In that regard, Jenoff’s persistent traits of dishonesty, exaggeration, and self-aggrandizement were candidly admitted in the State’s case and subjected to extensive cross-examination by defendant.

The record clearly supports the court’s findings.


They married ina significant step up for a man with a lower middle-class background. The third of four children, Carol Lidz was born in and grew up in affluent Woodmere, Long Island. He said he was convinced of his father’s guilty and disturbed by his comments earlier Friday to the jury. As the court found, defendant failed to establish good cause for discovery. You dishonored Carol, yourself, your children, this court, your congregation, the rabbinate and Judaism.


Jenoff also wrote letters to a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, in which he indicated that he recanted his original story because he thought that it would give defendant a chance at a new trial. Specifically, defendant challenges the following questions and answers:. Accordingly, we do not agree with defendant that Keeny’s appearance in prison attire deprived defendant of a fair trial.

Defendant told Jenoff that he thought Levin “was a [traitor], a turncoat, for testifying against him at the grand jury. The judge found that the claim that defendant had been denied the effective assistance of trial and appellate counsel with regard to Keeny’s alleged testimony in restraints was barred by Rule 3: Shortly before the murder, Neulander and Jenoff spoke about “how to do it neat, how to do it clean and how to keep suspicion off Mr.

Jenoff then drove to Philadelphia, where he discarded the burgundy purse in a dumpster. Defense cross-examination, including impeaching evidence, may be limited or excluded if it would result in confusion of the issues or lacks relevancy.

Want an update alert? When they met later, Fred was furious: In a statement released Wednesday night, members of the congregation said they accept the fredd decision. Neulander’s motive was his desire to continue his adulterous relationship with former Philadelphia area radio personality Elaine Soncini.


Beardsley that he was involved in committing another homicide,” 2 had “any information suggesting that he was the subject of another homicide investigation,” 3 “had any concerns or fears that he [would] be charged in connection with the other homicide,” 4 “agreed to talk to the police and casee so,” 5 “to what extent does that interview.

Jenoff had been communicating with Phillips for some time. Regardless, Prosecutor Jim Lynch decided to press forward with a trial against Neulander. But it would be no different if he was a prominent priest. We generally decline to consider issues that were not presented at trial.

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The next day, Soncini told defendant that she did not want to lie anymore and that she was going to talk to the police. The story of a spiritual leader gone bad arrived in court this week. As the court determined, there was no evidence that the State had offered Jenoff a “sweetheart” deal or that the State had suppressed evidence of such a “deal. It would be the last time Numbber Neulander’s daughter ever heard her mother’s voice.

He called and asked the dispatcher what he should do.

He told Jenoff to “make sure when I come home I find her dead. But that is not what he’s on trial for. Defendant initially frex to the police about his extramarital affairs, claiming that we was lucky to have Carol and his marriage was “[g]reat. Jenoff responded that he did not know and told defendant to “forget about the whole thing.

Jenoff then recruited Paul Daniels, an even more troubled young man who had been a roommate of Jenoff’s.

A trial court has an independent obligation “to give the jury a proper cautionary instruction as to the limited use of this testimony for credibility purposes, even in the absence of a specification of reasons by the prosecutor or a request therefor by defendants. Holly attorney Mike Riley. To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive. Neither Jenoff’s nor Daniels’ plea added any extra evidential weight numver proofs of defendant’s involvement.