THE DECAPITATED CHICKEN (La gallina degollada) Source for information on The Decapitated Chicken (La Gallina Degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken. Illustration. The Decapitated Chicken. All day long the. Un cuento de terror escrito por Horacio Quiroga. Fue publicado en en Argentina. | See more ideas about Hens, Sisters and Biography.

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La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

Before, they had shared a mutual degollaca for their ill begotten kin; now that success had arrived, each one attributed the success to themselves and felt with more certainty the infamy of having their four idiot sons forced upon them by the other. Bertita has come through her illness unscathed. One horror has receded, but now another threatens their happiness. When the couple try again, Berta gives degollaa to twins with exactly the same result.

Likewise, he had to console, to relentlessly hold Berta, wounded by the most profound failure of a young marriage. The four idiots looked at her indifferently. In the first novel Quiroga divided the action into three parts. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When neither solution nor solace are forthcoming, he turns against the church with renewed anger. At 18 months this son also suffers convulsions and is left an idiot. The mud patio was closed to the west by a wall of bricks.

Both tales depict growing hopelessness and the breakdown of a once happy marriage. The boys are in the kitchen. The bench was parallel to the wall, about five feet away, and there they sat motionless with their eyes fixed on the bricks. She then went back and picked up a kerosene bucket and placed it vertically on the chair, and with this she triumphed. A couple, deeply in love, marry and have children.


Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Stephen Mc. The little girl recovers from her indigestion, but on the next day Berta coughs up blood. They spent the whole day sitting in the patio, void of any motherly love. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Is that what you want to hear? Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Their four sons all sicken and are reduced to a state of idiocy because of congenital disease.

Ask him, ask the doctor who has more blame for the meningitis of your sons; my father or your rotten lung, you viper. There is then a shift to the present time of the narrative, with a relentless progression towards the ghastly climax. Bertita turned four years old and that night, as a result of the sweets that her parents were incapable of denying her, their young child came down with a chill and a fever.

The story contains the three elements of the title of the collection: Even though in the later years Berta continued to care for her sons, the birth of Bertita made her forget almost completely her four sons. He could get better. The silence was a funeral for his already tormented soul, so much so that his spine froze with a feeling of horror. They went on like this with each confrontation more violent than the last until a moan from Bertita sealed their lips.

“La Gallina Degollada” Horacio Quiroga | Material de lectura | Pinterest

As the sun set and began to hide itself behind the wall, the idiots rejoiced. In respect to the mother, there is a lung that cannot breathe well. By now they have shifted from “great compassion for their four sons” to overt hostility, demonstrated by the increasingly strong language used to describe the boys—”monsters,” “four poor beasts”—and the fact that they are kept in the yard.

Yet behind their immense bitterness Mazzini and Berta maintained a great compassion for their four sons. Quiroga makes use of foreshadowing and irony. Religious themes run through both stories. When neither solution nor solace are forthcoming, he turns against the church with renewed anger.


Nature is hostile, and it almost always wins. Twins were born, and bit by bit the history of the two older sons began to repeat itself. Yet they were almost always stuck in a somber lethargy of idiocy, they spent the whole day seated on the bench with their legs hanging down motionless, their pants soaked in saliva.

Quiroga was also inspired by British writer Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Bookwhich is shown in his own Jungle Talesa delightful exercise in fantasy divided into several stories featuring hallina.

la gallina degollada and horacio quiroga

At 18 months this son also suffers convulsions and is left an idiot. After a few days the paralyzed limbs of the child recovered their movement; but the intelligence, the soul, even instinct itself had left him entirely.

Suddenly something broke degollasa their gaze and the blank wall. As the servant decapitated and bledthe chicken parsimoniously Berta had learned from her mother this trick to conserve the freshness of the meatshe thought she felt something breathing behind her. Slowly they advanced toward the wall. I would have had children like the rest of the world.

He was 28 and she was 22, yet all their passionate tenderness had not succeeded in creating a single atom of an ordinary existence. In Quiroga there are comments such as “paying for the excesses of their grandfathers,” “the terrifying line of descent,” “rotten progeny.

In their dirty and gallnia appearance the absolute lack of maternal care could easily be noticed.