book is about bringing the slasher trope to bear in your. Hunter: The Vigil game, helping you perhaps tell a story or chronicle that is effectively a slasher horror. players play actual serial killers instead of hunters would be very fucked up, Slashers are either hunters who have gone off the deep. : WoD Slasher*OP (World of Darkness) (): Chuck However, it is not a World of Darkness book, but a Hunter the Vigil book.

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The SCIU drew in many psychological profilers formerly of the OSS or local governments, and these profilers helped support the unit, one of the first to commonly profile serial killers to get the right criminal.

I threw up harder than I ever have before and when I looked up, she’d shot every last one of them. Frequently team up with other Cells and Compacts to provide support because sacrificing an entire support group worth of people is bad for attendance rates.

They’re offered conditional release, as long as they work with a handler. I had the most disturbing experience with a whelp shooting video for an Internet site.

They often have a price. Think the Toreador except they’re not vampires.

The only reason they’re a Conspiracy and not a Compact is because by White Wolf’s self-imposed rules only Conspiracies can give Endowments. Sometimes they even just let the werewolf go if it hasn’t hurt a human being since their real interest is honing themselves into the ultimate hunters, something their prey actually respects.

He is now looking to rid the world of institutional demons and build a utopia where they do not exist.

While the drive for revenge is not an uncommon origin for a Hunter, the difference is that Avengers often do not target supernatural beings specifically not for long, anyway. The family’s bodies showed extreme mutilation, and both surviving agents reported them as incredibly resilient, possibly due to inbred mutation over generations.


And how much you’ve read about the God-Machine. Ads by Project Wonderful! The compact of the common men and women who don’t know or care about what the monsters are as long as they stay out of their neighborhood. Manslaughter’s only when a serial doesn’t have time to prepare.

Hunter: The Vigil

They’re used as guinea pigs teh all kinds of treatments – shock collars, new therapuetic pills, “genetic treaments” to cure them of their tendencies Note that they’re running low on people who were actually Nazis and the younger members are asking why they need to be so hung up on WWII.

Dominate 1 means combat ends slashet it starts. Anyone they predict, they have an advantage against in a fight or contest. Nope, not at all. Pope Gregory XVI, not known for leniency, gave personal pardon to the men who did the dead.

You’re not allowed to post murders on Youtube, and slashers just look like people Said angels may or may not be Mage-style Abyssal spirits. Vigli evolved form of the Genius, Maniacs are viggil crazier, but also startlingly charismatic; they prefer a more “hands off” approach to killing, and mostly sate their murder-lust through proxies and Rube Goldberg-style deathtraps, having the ability to not only gain great understanding of peoples’ psychologies by studying them but also driving them off the deep end to huntrr the Maniac’s loyal flunkies.

I don’t think I need to say it, but since you don’t know anything about how the world really is, I’ll tell you. For if they refused, Nimrod would impale them on stakes and hang them before his house for all to see, saying: Those who undergo the process describe it as ohterworldly, likened to alien abductions or bad trips.

He might never tell his daughter, and the two of them move on. They say no man of pure heart can be harmed by her, but they know they are soldiers and do not have this defense. First, one agent per three convicts at all times. Executives within Cheiron that go Bateman get moved into the FPD as a policy matter, long before the cops catch them. They wouldn’t last on the street. Unless they’re dealing with someone insane or altered by their views, they can’t deal well socially with anyone for long, and they stick out in the memory.


The guy decides he can’t live knowing there are monsters like those rapists out there.

Supers hunting Slashers – Onyx Path Forums

Fear and horror takes its toll on them, and their faith is no longer enough. Some secrets are too dangerous to let out. But on the first night, an angel of the Lord came to Abram in a dream. People who kill on multiple occasions do not think like regular human beings.

Hunter: The Vigil – 1d4chan

They think several steps ahead, predicting what people will do based on available options and personality. It turns out a light. Depends on the supernatural in question.

Retrieved from ” https: Most get sick of having them around, though – only a minority are actually grateful to be helped, even though VASCU is always left to take the lead th investigations that make no sense. Rare, but it happens.


Even if it later turns out that the target didn’t actually fit their criteria and they just thought they did. They know that not all creatures that feed on blood kill. That’s not much use for slashers – it’s all urban legends, and what’s true of one won’t be for another.

They are always intelligent, and often manipulative or charismatic, but not often both. The Cheiron Group attract conspiracy theories constantly – the Scientologists name them as one of the main forces behind psychology.