When you look at all of the current armies, they are not using kroot in any of .. My army lists have kroot, I’ve always won using them and lost. So back in the day, there was a Kroot mercenary Army you could play. . a Kroot army like the Kroot Merc army lists of old, you’ll want/need to. KROOT MERCENARIES. The Kroot are expert jungle-fighters and trackers, and they are to be found serving as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and.

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Particularly like the ‘Eaters of the Dead’ very fluff based!

The Vespid has always been my favorite units. Aside from my personal opinion, I don’t see how excluding armt would help. Another way would be to simply slide the landraider sideways like a big slowed hovercraft full xrmy eels.

Moving on we reach maybe the odder of the two cases. Many units that are not in the game is due to them not having a balance battle field role that another unit doesn’t already provide.


On the table, the standard setup of the two units Wyches and Khymerae looks very much like a Kroot war party. I’m sure there will be some chopping and extending required in order to get it to fit on the back, but the proportions all work well and the shape of the howdah is such that it will drape over the back of the beast, allowing the Kroot gunners to stand on a platform on either side.

Have you presented one to an opponent yet? I’m also regretting how I did the leathers in different tones, and may go back and redo them to look like the howdah from the actual Lord of the Rings model. There’s a decent step-by-step on the GW site: No mention of them from the Forge World books — which is very odd as the launch Index books included all kinds of rare stuff like the 30th Anniversary Imperial Marine and the Primaris Rhino.


Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. I have changed some of my painting up with the more recent models different drybrushing, different fabric and warpaint colorsbut they blend in well with models that are over 15 years old now. JustALittleOrkish This is a great blog and I look forward to seeing where it goes without restrictions. They dont have any psykers though and they are very bad in the fighting phase. I’m quite happy with how my Krootox Quad-Gun turned-out: That tutorial made me chuckle.

Perhaps the best part about it was that these two models took all of the opposing shots, allowing three Talos’ to make it across the board unscathed behind a unit of beasts. The kroot are the cannon fodder melee while the vespid are the jump troops. Difficult to say the least. Any thoughts on what to add, delete or change before I add paint? If they are ignored, then they charge in first and either die to Overwatch or tie up the enemy unit to prevent them from firing at my more elite units.

Oaka I have finished painting my Heroe’s Path Harlequin formation.

Warhammer 40,/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries – 1d4chan

And the mounted great knarlocs all completed. Does such a thing exist in 8th? Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. What material do you use for the molds and models? Dawn of War Trade your minis Miniswap Podcasts: If that were the case, most units we see in the game as is wouldn’t be there ork buggies for example. The riders were painted separately and then added onto the Knarloc afterwards. What a ridiculous model, I ordered two.


I’m kinda meh on the Dark Reaper kroot.

Dark Apostle – click to view full reply. Sorry to necro this thread of yours but Sheep That head looks fantastic mate, the only thing I would suggest could improve it is to blend the transitions on the spines alittle bit more.

I know quite a few people, as I’m an RPer at heart, who have ‘Kroot in Roguetrader’ as their go-to character. Pekel Howdah looks perfect for the job.

Oaka The body is finished: I’ve already used the entire first package, and have to go back to the store for a second. Gladius – Relics of War Store Page. You thinking some sort of howdah set up on the back, like that massive krootox someone did?

It would make sense for them to be in the game to properly represent what the Tau are about. MalfunctBot Sneaky Sniper Drone.

Oaka I finished a second dark reaper, adding some more Krooty bits to it and the first one. I’m doing a similar army, all Kroot, albeit way way behind your progress, and admy fluff wise. We all lament the sad tale of the Squats. The Good Green The army’s looking really good man.

The Kroot used to have a full featured army back in the day, and a Forge World range full of the rare stuff like Knarloc riders, Great Knarlocs and more. Love this blog and keep checking back to see if the big beastie is complete.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Any suggestions before the paint goes on? Sarigar – click to view full reply. Can’t wait to see what’s next!