From The PCA Book of Church Order: CHAPTER Candidates for the Gospel Ministry. A candidate for the ministry is a member of the Church in full. The office of deacon is set forth in the Scriptures as ordinary and perpetual in the Church. The office is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord. Contains the form of government of the PCA, rules of discipline, and the directory of the worship The Book of Church Order Binder is sold separately (#).

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What is the purpose of internship? An printing of the Constitution, preserved at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA, does include this document, but I have not personally seen other editions, and particularly any afterwhich include the Principles. The Pastor, Associate pastor sand the Ruling Elders? Does the BCO require ruling elders to improve their ability to teach the Bible?

PCA Book of Church Order

Within the office of elder there are two orders, what are they? Anything in the doctrine or practice of church members contrary to the Word of God.


Who owns the property of a PCA church? A Not less than 10 daysQ: What is the basis of all church discipline? May an associate or assistant pastor succeed a senior pastor? Who can vote in a congregational meeting?


When an elder attends a meeting of a court, such as Presbytery or General Assembly, who is responsible for his expenses? What is the difference between a committee and a commission? What notice is required for congregational meetings?

His Christian experience, knowledge of the system ofdoctrine, government, and discipline contained in the Constitution bok the PCA. Q If the pastoral relation between a Church and the Senior Pastor is dissolved, does the relation of associate or assistant pastors also dissolve?

This, together with the increase in numbers, led the Synod to perfect the organization of the Church, and made this declaration of preliminary principles timely and necessary.

Book of Church Order (BCO)

Whereas, the 16th General Assembly sent down to presbyteries a proposal to add to BCO Preface II 1 the statements “Therefore the rights of private judgments in all matters which respect religion are universal and inalienable. BCO 12, Q: Therefore, the rights of private judgment in all matters that respect religion are universal and inalienable. What notice is required for a congregational meeting for election of’officers?

What is the difference between an assistant pastor and an associate pastor? A Three ruling elders and 3 teaching elders 53, Q: What is maintained through proper usage ofdiscipline: Describe the duties of the Deacon.

PCA Book of Church Order (2015 Update)

What is the procedure for calling a congregational meeting? A BCO OPC, That “God alone is Lord of the conscience; and hath left it free from the doctrine and commandments of men, which are in any thing contrary to his word, or beside it, in matters of faith or worship: Who may call a meeting of the Board of Deacons?

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A, Not less than 20 days. Can a teaching elder work with an organization outside the jurisdiction of the PCA? What is an pc

That the PCUS had previously rejected the Principles makes the PCA’s action remarkable, for with that inclusion, the PCA was reaching out beyond its immediate tradition to incorporate something of the larger Bopk Presbyterian heritage. The language of the proposed amendment originated in the first Form orxer Government produced by American Presbyterians in Voting was initially deferred pending consideration of Overture 22 from Eastern Canada Presbytery.

What is the process for calling a special meeting of General Assembly?

Who are the members of the church Session? The glory of God, the krder of His church, the keeping and reclaiming of disobedient sinners. Bibliography on Presbyterian Polity.


How does a mission church ot from a particular church? Do Ruling Elders have the same authority and eligibility to office in the courts of the church as Teaching Elders?

Permission to preach in the pulpits of the PCA on a regular basis.