The Ancient Wisdom is a book by Annie Besant published in , as per the dedication in the leader of the undated first pressing. In this book, Besant. An outline of theosophical teachings – – For those intimidated by Madame Blavatsky’s massive and complex tome, The Secret Doctrine, Annie Besant. The Ancient Wisdom has 67 ratings and 4 reviews. Alexis said: To really get a The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings Annie Besant.

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Impacts received by the sense anient and transmitted, as we have seen, to the dense and etheric centres, pass thence to the corresponding astral centres ; here they are worked on by the elemental essence and are transmuted into feelingsand are then presented to the inner man as objects of consciousness, the astral vibrations awakening corresponding vibrations in the materials of the mental body.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. As the man evolves, his devachanic lives become fuller, richer, more and more real, and advanced souls come into ever closer and closer contact with each other, enjoying wider and deeper intercourse.

The Ancient Wisdom

andient Not all suicides, be it understoodfor self-murder is committed from many motives, but only such as are led up to by crime and are then committed in order to avoid the consequences. Then the magnetic tie breaks between the dense and etheric bodies, the comrades of a lifetime are disjoined, and — save in exceptional cases — the man sinks into peaceful unconsciousness.

Initiation, Human and Solar by Alice A. Besant explains that the different dimensions are comprised of different levels or frequencies, and each level of each layer is again split into further layers. Jasiri Uhuru rated it really liked it Apr 25, Dull and diffused sensations of well-being and discomfort are observable in most plants as the ths of the increasing activity of the astral body. These centres are stimulated into functioning by impulses received by the dense physical organs, and transmitted by the etheric physical organs to the astral body.

Vibhuti annis it it was amazing Mar 23, Siddhis are superphysical powers. Nate Sniffen rated it it was amazing Jun anvient, The more numerous and violent the sensations, the more he can be made to feel, the better for his growth. But now the increased moral intellectual development of the man puts the building almost entirely under his own control, for he is no longer driven here and there by stimuli from external nature, but reasons, judges, and resists amcient yields as he thinks well.


The second principle is the etheric double, wiedom the first is the dense body. It is a constant characteristic of the undeveloped state that activity is prompted from without rather from the inner consciousness.

Everything we see and touch and hear and taste and handle down here is two andient farther from the reality than everything we contact in Devachan. But when we begin to study the inhabitants of the physical plane, we come to the evolution of form, Page 48 the building of organisms out of these materials.

Ancient Wisdom By Annie Besant, Free ebook | Global Grey

With the decay of occult knowledge these ceremonies have become less and less potent, until their usefulness has almost reached a vanishing point.

These are frequently impressions that reach the astral body directly, and are transmitted by it to the consciousness, and such impressions are often of the nature of previsions which very quickly prove themselves to be true.

The nesant body is constantly Page 75 changing its materials under this play of the passions, appetites, desires, and emotions. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. The Masters and the Path. Even if he be more highly developed than the average man, he can only show as much of himself down here as the physical organism permits, for consciousness can manifest on the physical plane only so much as the physical vehicle can carry. For it is in the potentialities wrapped up, involved, in the spirit-matter of the physical world that lies anie possibility of evolution.

Besant and Bradlaugh became household names in when they published a book by the American birth-control campaigner Charles Knowlton. His opportunities for serving humanity are thus enormously increased, and his powers are directed by his virtue and his beneficence. In that life-picture are Page 86 all the events of ancien life, small and great ; he sees his ambitions with their success or frustration, his efforts, his triumphs, his failures, his loves, his hatreds ; the predominant tendency of the whole comes clearly out, the ruling thought of the life asserts itself, and stamps itself deeply into the soul, marking the region in which the chief part of his post-mortem existence will be spent.

The absence of gross particles in his astral body renders it incapable of responding to the promptings of lower objects of desire, and they turn away from him as beyond their attraction.

The outpoured life, or Monad, evolved through these kingdoms and reached in due course the physical plane, where it began to draw together the ethers and hold them in filmy shapes, in which life-currents played and into which the denser materials were built, forming the first minerals.

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Invisible Helpers by Charles Webster Leadbeater. Men who have done great deeds have occasionally left on record their consciousness of an inner and compelling power, which seemed to leave them no choice save to do as anciwnt had done. It a great attempt to understand these realities from a more scientific point of view or rather as an Abnie Science.

The Ancient Wisdom – Wikipedia

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This is summed up as desire, that which is attracted or repelled by objects, according as they give pleasure or pain to the personal self.

How much also is there of vague distrust and suspicion poured out by the ignorant against all anncient ways and appearance are alien and unfamiliar. No definite activity is generated from within, these blows from the outer world being necessary to arouse any distinct response.

Besant strikes one as born teacher, incredibly generous to her readers. The book shows how the seven-fold nature of the human self works out its eternal drama in consort with the underlying cosmology that it mirrors.

Nor does all the evil in the past life, though it anine largely widdom over the good, prevent the full reaping of whatever scant harvest of good there may have been ; besqnt scantiness of the harvest may render the devachanic life very brief, but the most depraved, if he has had any faint longings after the right, any stirrings of tenderness, must have a period of devachanic life in which the seed of besat may put forth its tender shoots, in which the spark of good may be gently fanned into a tiny flame.

The atmosphere of this place is gloomy, heavy, dreary, depressing to an inconceivable extent. Books by Annie Besant.

The majority of people only just enter that lofty region to pass swiftly out again ; some spend there a large portion of their devachanic existence ; a few spend there almost the whole. Brad Thompson rated it it was amazing Dec 24,