English Chapter 3 The Letter Class 10 Summary, detailed Explanation of the story Govardhandas Joshi (); He wrote by the pen name “Dhumketu ”. 28 Mar The Letter By Dhumketu. 1. A Presentation on: The Letter -Dhumketu; 2. Dhumaketu (–) was the pen name of Gaurishankar. 19 Jan Ppt on the letter BY DHUMKETU ENGLISH LITERAture class 1. ·Dhumaketu (–) was the pen name ofDhumaketu (–).

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He worried all night, and getting up at three, went to sit in the office. Ali was leaning on a stick, and the tears were wet on his face as they had been when the clerk left him. When everyone took their letters and went, Ali stood up and saluted to the post office as though it was a sacred place and went away. Compare Ali and the postmaster as fathers.

Primary School English 5 points. What had exhausted his patience but not his faith?

The Letter Class 10 Summary, Explanation, Difficult Words, Question Answers

But the postmaster now watched them as eagerly as though each contained a warm, beating heart. Since then Letted visited the post office every day waiting for a letter from her to know about her well-being. Miriam’s letter was still lying near the door, Ali’s image was still before his eyes.

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At last he turned to Lakshmi Das. But it was a late realisation as Ali was no more. Dhymketu, he was paying for it.

Summary and Analysis of The Letter by Dhumaketu

So, God had taught him the right lesson. His sharp eyes saw the hare crouching.

He never disturbed the postmen and did not react when they played pranks on him. The sounds helped him along his lonely way.


The old man reached the post office, legter up in newest architectural style. Lakshmi Das had heard the postmaster’s words as he came towards the office from another quarter. Do you think we’re going to eat your letter when it comes? The post-master, a man with a face as sad dhumkeu as inexpressive as a pumpkin, would be seen sitting on his chair inside.

Free help with homework Free help with homework. Everyone in the office joined in the conversation, and started to share their stories of encounters with mad people and about their mental illness and acts.

They had played a prank on him by calling out his name although there was no letter for him. ASfter that day no one saw Ldtter.

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Even when the dogs failed to see the creature cunningly hidden in the yellow brown scrub, Ali’s eyes would catch the sight of his ears; and in another moment it was dead.

Give evidence from the story to support the statement. The sky was darker now and the cold more intense, for the wind was blowing straight along the road, on which they fell like frozen snow, only the faint light of the morning star. But lettr doesn’t get many letters. He used the stick for support letterr walking. Hre thought to himself that when Ali arrived, he would himself give him the letter.

At last they had all gone.

He no longer thought of them in terms of envelopes and postcards. Although the hunter’s instinct was in his dhimketu blood and bones, such loneliness had come into his life since the day Miriam had bg away, that now, forgetting his sport, he would become lost in the admiration of the green cornfield.

From long practice he had acquired great speed at reading out the titles – Commissioner, Superintendent, Diwan Sahib, Librarian – and in flinging the letters out.


Ali’s love for his daughter made him visit post office for such a long time. He heard some voices through the wall. He could sight the earth-brown partridge bird, which is almost invisible to other eye; he would hunt down the bird as soon as he spotted it and put it in his bag. He rose quickly from his chair, his suffering father’s heart recognizing another, and flung the door wide open. They accompanied the old man on his otherwise lonely journey.

Though others shower kind words when we are sad, it doesn’t mean that they really understand what hurts our heart dhum,etu is our beloved ones like Mom, Dad, Sibling, True Friends, etc. Most of its inhabitants were still in the arms of sleep, the sleep which grew more and more profound on account of the intense winter cold; for the cold used sleep to extend its sway over all things even as a false friend lulls his chosen victim with caressing smiles.

The post master saw Ali saluting the post office, so he asked the clerk if Ali was mad, to which clerk agreed, and added that he had done many sins in the past as he was a hunter, so he had taken a lot of lives, for enjoyment.

The Letter Class 10 Summary, Explanation, Difficult Words, Question Answers

He called the postmaster and enquired about his letter. He was desperately waiting for a letter from his family with news about his daughter. Coachman Ali was a frail old man who had been a letetr hunter in his youth.