“Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s wisdom has helped untold numbers of people, including me, grow in our business, family, and spiritual lives. In Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi . 14 quotes from Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money: ‘You dramatically increase your value to others if you always maintain a calm and p. In “Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money”, Rabbi Daniel Lapin offers a practical approach to creating wealth based on the established.

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Jul 18, David rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is going to change the way I do life and business! This book details the 10 permanent principles that never change, the ten commandments of making money if you will, and explores the economic and philosophic vision of business that has been part of Jewish culture for centuries. High in emotion but low in evidence, the author talked about the pain that workers went through as a result of losing their jobs.

Lapin uses the example of Bill Gates, who gives large donations to charitable causes but receives criticism for not giving a larger portion of his substantial wealth away.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I found the book a little repetitive though. Useful business advice aside, I also appreciated the exposure to the traditional Jewish treatment of scripture and the application of oral tradition to societal issues of the day. Excellent Read Own a business?

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

View or edit your browsing history. Lead Consistently and Constantly 6. To illustrate the point, he cites two articles that ran in the mid-nineties in the mainstream publications People and Newsweek. However, I kind of slogged through the middle chapters. The book basically sets out to describe the principles and habits which make Jewish people so good at business, and it does a mighty fine job. Jewish tradition values charity and considers lending money to others to be superior to giving it, as a loan confirms the recipient as a competent being capable of repayment and a gift gives the recipient the status of a beggar.


Often felt fabbi he was talking to bg in person because of the many anecdotes and stories used throughout each Commandment. Happy to see validation for many of the beliefs I hold true. Filled with stories and illustrations from his many years as a Jewish rabbi, Lapin makes a strong case for the morality of business and making money while showing his readers how they can tap lapij these principles. prlsper

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money by Daniel Lapin

Repetition is the mother of skill. The chapter about why you should give money awa Even though the title dissuaded me from reading the book, I was intrigued based on hearing Dave Ramsey talk about it on his radio show.

Such as money is bad. Know Your Money 9.

Thou Shall Prosper Quotes

Though the company has much to be proud of in their charitable works, the tone of their literature is almost apologetic: Business, he asserts, does as much or more to benefit society as charitable work does. It’s a book with great concepts that one shall not forget. God Said So Lapin cites several examples from the Torah that declare material wealth to be not only acceptable but in fact divinely good.

Money itself is not bad, it’s what we do with it. If you’re looking to lay the foundation or validate core principles regarding money such as, do rabb work, care about others, be fair, honest and kind in your dealings in b I enjoyed this book.

Lapin reminds us of this by showing that even the poor in a Capitalist country are immensely better off than the poor in government run economies when looking at absolute, not relative, conditions. God was not shlal the Hebrews to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs; God most likely commanded this action because God believed it was high time the children of Dajiel got paid handsomely for their toil.

Customers who bought this item also bought. The more service you offer others, the more wealth you will earn.


This book provided a great perspective on work, hy, and wealth. I heard about this on Dave Ramsey ‘s national radio program when he interviewed Daniel Lapin. You will find instead that Capitalism is about creating, not taking, and making the wealth pie bigger for everyone.

I actually liked the the first couple of chapters quite a bit, and they helped me shift my thinking about money in a positive way. Although his overt purpose is to enhance one’s business acumen, the principles apply to our personal life as well.

Therefore, I ordered the audiobook and listened to dajiel 17 hours of content.

Outlines 10 fundamental “commandments” relating to business and money Includes insights that will increase your potential for creating wealth, no matter what your faith or background may be Blends contemporary business stories and Lapin’s own business experiences with the wisdom of the Torah and Talmudic prescriptions This Second Edition provides lapiin examples, especially of Internet-related business opportunities.

Open Preview See a Problem? This is undoubtably the best book I’ve read so far this year! Jun 30, Sheree Martin rated it liked it.

Thou Shall Prosper Quotes by Daniel Lapin

Jul 28, Ocean rated it really liked it. This book is for anyone who wants to understand what someone means when they say they are a Capitalist, which will fly in the face of the commonly held view that Capitalism is about the strong taking from the weak.

Though it is hard for anyone who has never experienced having an unfaithful spouse to make the call, it makes sense that adultery would be far more painful than job loss.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is insightful. After all, many species of animal engage in sexual behavior, but business is uniquely human. Get To Know Yourself 4. Product details Audible Audiobook Listening Length: