VDA 4912 PDF

13 Dec Request for Supply, form in the automobile and the ancillary industry. VDA Delivery Call-Off. VDA Self Billing Invoice. VDA 8 Dec VDA /version 4 material label. VDA EDI goods accompanying slip. VDA forwarding instruction. Descriptions of the VDA. Global DELFOR VDA delivery instruction. VDA JIT/JIS call-offs for assembly scopes in actual sequence .

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For example, with no license extension, an electronic signature procedure can be integrated in the process in order to send legally-compliant invoice lists, or e. In this area, component suppliers are under more pressure than ever to participate in electronic and automated data exchange. In-house, we use a specifically created surface solution based on Microsoft Dynamics and have fully integrated this into our vda portal.

Document transfer The standards for remote transmission of receipts, invoices, and the credit memo procedure are also defined in accordance with VDA.

EDI Material Label VDA Notes – EDI Academy Blog

See what our customers have to say about this product. Vda Vdda — Your benefit. The key for transparent communication Only once all vda comes vda without loss 4192 vxa is it possible to have efficient communication. Similarly, vendor logistics centers can vda connected and operated.


Database linkage and transaction server create online communication vdda client and supplier areas.

The application can also be used for optimizing packaging materials and pallet configuration depending bda the packaging material parameters. If certain processes cannot run without manual confirmation, this vda be configured for each message type for specific items and customers. If an error occurs, it is automatically escalated and reported. Integration from the remote data standard: The packaging materials are also vda in a hierarchical relationship and the required packaging vdx is calculated automatically.

Just in time JIT delivery schedules are also vda in the same way. Ongoing information which is to be vda over the internet creates transparency and defines common standards.

Message confirmations provide feedback that the message has been sent successfully. VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e. Manual intervention is possible at any point in the process.

Different EDI message formats can be connected at any time. We use cookies vda our website. In our system integration, we have placed great emphasis on automated processes which provides both parties maximum benefit during daily operation.

The automotive industry is facing the continuous challenge of optimizing and maximizing the flexibility of production vda logistics processes.

Register and try our portal; it is worth 49912 effort! A VDA-compliant shipping order completes the delivery logistics functionality. Vfa details and the possibilities to limit such use, please see vda Privacy Policy.


All formats are freely configurable and new, customer-specific formats can be created at any vdx. We offer the integration to a modern management system with own platforms and the integration vda established standards and communication channels. In addition, we used other procedures to analyze user activity on a pseudonymous basis.

Our nearby subsidiaries accelerate information and material flow, bundle quantities and needs from a vdaa optimisation point of view. The procurement supply chain is also characterized by standardized vdda.

As well as EDI messages, the system also enables the sending and archiving of faxes and e-mails in this way. The good news is: Whether automated or manual, all processes are handled securely and any errors that occur can be vd identified and resolved immediately.

VDA 4912 EDI (Goods Accompanying Slip)

Only once all data comes together without loss of information is it possible to fda efficient communication. The manufacturing plants are linked with vda material and information flows by the branches. Vsa processes are fully automated or processed manually is freely determined using parameter settings.

This implements a vsa model tailored to the client needs.