Given a seven litre jug and a three litre jug and a water supply, can you measure for problem solving much used in artificial intelligence. A comparison of the. Artificial Intelligence(AI)_ Water-Jug Problem – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. water jug problem. PDF | The water jugs problem is a famous problem in artificial intelligence, 5 liter jug. The jugs do not have markings to allow. measuring smaller quantities.

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Intelkigence can fill a jug from the pump. Saturday, 15 June Water Jug Problem. I made a java program to do this Unknown 24 November at Thank You For Sharing this information. Radha Sai 1 August at This comment has been removed by the author. Ishan Mahajan 7 May at Now the state is 2,0. Meerkat info 5 May at The state space for this problem can be described as the set of ordered pairs of integers x,y.


Pratik Vaishnav 25 February at Arun Kumar 28 January at Thanks for sharing information about Artificial Intelligence. Lalita Chaple 30 October at Litres in 4 ltr jug – watee in 3 ltr jug Thank You For Sharing this information. Solve the itelligence Water Jug problem with step by step representation. Meerkat info 5 May at Unknown 28 August at There is a pump that can be used to fill the jugs with water.

Unknown 24 November at This also a possible solution. Jennet Hurley 21 March at Thanks for the post Artificial intelligence Solutions. Unknown 21 July at The initial state is 0,0 that is no water on each jug.

AI problems & solutions: Water Jug Problem

To solve this we have to make some assumptions not mentioned in the problem. Zeel Patel 20 November at Keep updating Artificial Intelligence Online Training.

Arun Singh Chouhan 11 April at Arpan Ghoshal 27 July at Water Jug Problem Simple Solution. Explain with an Example.

You are given two jugs, a 4-gallon one and a 3-gallon one. Roshan mhaskar 4 November at Sonali Taral 29 May at How intellkgence we get exactly 2 liters of water in to the 4-liter jugs?


There is no measuring device available. We can pour water from one jug to another.

Mandar Sapre 29 March at There is a pump that can be used to fill the jugs with water. How can you get exactly 2 gallons of water into the 4-gallon jug.

You have a 5 liter can and 3 liter can. Now the state is X,3. Unknown 12 November at Jennet Hurley 21 March at Neither has any measuring mark on it.

Lalita Chaple 30 October at SimpleMaryam 28 June at Simple Water Jug Problem. Abhinav Vidwans 6 March at Neither has any measuring markers on it.