A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics, and gurus, some of whom he found convincing, others. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 6 Mar A Search in Secret India is the story of Paul Brunton’s journey around India, living among yogis, mystics and gurus, some of whom he found.

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Full text of “A Search in Secret India”

Really, it thrilled me because I saw the possi- bilities of great adventures opening up through it. Jun searh, One night we indai out to dine together in a little Bohemian restaurant where pleasantly shaded lights and nicely cooked food accompany each other. Easily a 5 star book.

I pick one out and, as he proffers the light, he remarks: The Theosophists deceive themselves. Until then I was as worldly as other youths.

Suddenly, I hear a man stirring at the far end of the shop and, turning, I behold a tall figure emerge from the shadows which hide a little inner room where the costlier books are kept. The interview is at an end.

Paul Brunton

Since the tenth of July,the holy man has not uttered a single word. In the process, he found a number of masters of body, mind, and both. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


However, he finds these individuals as rare nuggets in a sea of frauds. When I was there, these people were much more friendly. I have imbibed sufficient pious wisdom and prophetic forebodings to suffice me for the time. The master smiles self-deprecatingly. My brother communicates with me by impressing upon my mind whatever thought he wishes, or by bringing a picture-vision before my mind’s eye.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Somewhere along the book, I got lost in the narrative and slowed down because there was a creative lull but it picked up pace towards the end; though I really wish the author had more to write about the time he spent in Arunachala.

Many are only lazy tramps and others vicious ones, while most are totally illiterate men, unaware of the history and doctrines of the science of Yoga, under whose shelter they masquerade.

Now there arises a con- versational lull which all of us seem to recognize and to respect. Ambition and desire lure a man into responsibilities from which it is not easy to extricate himself.

Yes, Mahmoud Bey is a magician, a twentieth-century wizard. The masses hold on to a few ideals at the cost of being enmeshed in a fussy tangle of pseudo-religious fetters and unwise customs. It pul short, a classic on the search for spiritual meaning.

Five or six months after their arrival, Meher Baba sent them back to England at the expense of his chief disciple.

His eyes became dull and lifeless, and he lacked the intelligence to perform the most elementary duties of a human being, such as taking food, washing oneself, attending to the calls of nature, and so on. Over the coffee cups he tells me a little about himself. He waves it seven times around the saintly head un his master.

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A Search In Secret India: The classic work on seeking a guru

He often teaches through silence, but can also use sparce words in order to get to Brunton’s Soul and leave an indelible mark of LOVE nad Faith in him. The representative of the Parsee messiah returned to India, accompanied by the Englishman and the latter’s wife and sister-in-law. She is no longer representative of the lofty culture of her past. I proceed to extract from all these collective minds and memories such facts about their amazing master’s career as I do not already know.

They are mostly good men studying our sacred books and chanting prayers. And yet I grew no weaker but remained as strong as before. Did his alleged spirits jn some constituent atoms from the lead to enable them to write the answers? However, I had a natural genius for the former studies and scraped through my diploma examinations without difficulty. I delivered lectures seacrh gave demonstrations to the Cairo Society, until its members appointed me as its President.

I must accept the genuine- ness of the performance, even if I reserve its explanation. They move at our approach and go inside to consult their master.