Muammar Gaddafi. The Green Book. Written: First Published: The Solution of the Problem of Democracy: The Authority of the People, The Solution of. 27 May Qaddafi’s Green Book mixes utopian socialism and Arab Muammar el-Qaddafi from power it will mean not only the fall of the longest reigning. The Green Book is a short book setting out the political philosophy of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The book was first published in It is said to have .

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The same applies to the tribe because it is a family which has reproduced and enlarged itself to become many families.

What now for Colonel Gaddafi’s Green Book?

Likewise, corporate expression reflects only gaddafl interest or view of those making up the corporate body. They differ only in degree. Societies in which the existence and unity of the family be- come threatened due to any circumstance, are similar to fields whose plants experience uprooting, drought, fire, weathering or death.

Only the blood-relationship distinguishes a tribe from a party, and, indeed, a tribe might also be the basis for the founda- tion of a party. Societies which monopolize re- ligious education are reactionary societies, biased towards igno- rance and hostile to freedom. It is better for them to be taken care of by society rather than by individuals who are not their parents.

Such hook abnormality creates an un- sound situation which becomes a real cause for disputes within one national group.

Insuffi- cient numbers of schools restrict human freedom of choice, forc- ing them to learn only the subjects available, while depriving them of the natural tne to choose gaddaf of the unavailabil- ity of other subjects.

If coercion and childish simple-mindedness were removed, they would cer- tainly reject the nursery and cling to their mothers. A woman who needs work that renders her unable to perform her natural function is not free and is compelled to work by need, and “in need, freedom is latent”.

Since society consists of private individuals and corporate bodies, the expres- sion, for example, by an individual of his or her insanity does not mean that the other members of society are insane.


His politicial philosophy is outlined in his booklet the “Green Book” On august Qaddafi has been titled Africa’s grefn of kings by an council of kings of Africa in Libya.

It represents the party and not the peo- ple, and the executive power of the parliament becomes that of the victorious party and not of the people. To demand equality between man and woman in carrying heavy weights while the woman is pregnant is unjust and cruel. Who drafts it and what is its relevance to democracy? Why was it necessary to create men and women? Because of this fact, natural laws are applicable to all.

Parliaments Parliaments are the backbone of that conventional democracy prevailing in the world today. Whoever possesses the house in which you dwell, gredn vehicle in which you ride or the income on which you live, possesses your freedom, or part of it.

Parliaments have been a legal barrier between boook people and the exercise of muammmar, excluding the masses from meaningful politics and monopolizing sovereignty in their place.

Gaddafi’s the Green Book by Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Similarly, any situation, position or proceeding that results in the dispersion, decline or loss of the family is inhuman, unnatural and oppressive, analogous to any procedure, measure or action that destroys a plant and its branches and withers its leaves and blossoms.

Thus, abandoning the natural roles of female and male in life can only occur under unnatural conditions which are contrary to freedom and are a threat to survival. It also means that a member keeps few popular organizational links with the elec- tors since he, like other members, is considered a representa- tive of the whole people.

Stel marked it as to-read Mar 08, Any encroachment on these rights by any majority is an act of mmuammar. The transformation of existing societies of wage-earners into mkammar of partners is inevitable as a dialectical outcome of the 63 CHAPTER LAND contradictory economic theories prevailing in the world today.

Gaddafi’s the Green Book

The East regards her as a commodity to be bought muammwr sold, while the West does not recognize her femininity. Conducting plebiscites on constitutions is often insufficient.

WOMAN effort and suffering. It is superior to the older attempts at direct democracy which were impractical because they lacked popular organizations at base levels.


Foreign Policy Foreign Relations. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To demand equality between them in fasting and hardship while she is breast-feeding is unjust and cruel.

If we analyse the factors of economic muammwr from ancient times to the present, we always find that they essentially con- sist of certain basic production components, i. How ought societies to organize themselves politically in the modern world?

This new theory is based on the authority of the people, with- gxddafi representation or deputation. To do so, the opposition must minimize the government’s achievements and cast doubt on its plans, even though those plans may be beneficial to the society. To dispense with the natural role of woman in maternity – nurseries replacing mothers – is a start in dispensing with the human society and transforming it into a merely biological so- ciety with an artificial way of life.

In view of these considerations, the tribe forms a behaviour pattern for its members, developing into a social education which is bet- ter and more noble than any school education. Further, we gteen have to assume that the political authority control- ling ownership is that of all the people, practised through the Popular Conferences and People’s Committees, and not the au- thority of one class, one party, several parties, one sect, tribe, family, individual, or any form of representative authority Fail- ing this, what is received directly by the workers with respect to their own interests, in the form gaddai wages, percentage of profits or social benefits, is the same as that received grefn workers in a private corporation.

Full text of “The Green Book Muammar Gaddafi”

Deprivation of the means of fulfilment compromises freedom because, in attempting to satisfy basic needs, one would be subject to the interference of outside forces in one’s basic interests.

The mother who abandons her maternity contradicts her natural role in life. Miro R rated it liked it Sep 06, Learning a single language, whatever it may be, is not the gaddsfi for the time being.